Effective bridge design includes managing current capacity and planning for future demands, while providing a safe and durable means of transportation. From major highway and railroad bridges to smaller aesthetically sensitive pedestrian and bikeway bridges, our team can design a solution for your unique needs.

Our structures have ranged in complexity from no skew to a 60-degree skew, and have included curved beams, dog-legged beams, and haunched girders. We have performed joint replacement, railing replacement/upgrade, slab replacement, superstructure/substructure repair or partial replacement, superstructure and/or substructure widening and replacement of superstructure.

Our team also includes experts in bridge specialty areas: the application of fiber composites, accelerated bridge design and construction methods, as well as aesthetic bridge design.

For additional information, please contact:

Thomas Kramer, PE, CSP
Phone: (937) 259-5120